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Гранты от Jephcott Trust


The Jephcott Trust likes to make grants which will make a difference, preference will be given to charities or projects which are having difficulty getting started, or raising funds from
other sources. This often means that the Trust is funding capital projects, eg for equipment
or materials, rather than running costs. Grants are made to charities in all parts of the
world. They are prepared to consider support for projects, particularly educational ones,
which help to control excessive growth in population. The Trust has also supported a number
of projects involved in conserving the natural environment. It does not support projects
involving animal welfare or heritage sites or buildings. Education projects are also considered
including those benefitting people of all ages and backgrounds. They may also support
projects that provide formal education, teach vocational skills to enhance the possibility
of employment, enhance computer skills, health awareness, and distance learning. A
very wide range of healthcare projects are supported. Projects which require long-term
funding are not normally considered. The Trust prefers to make one-off donations to get
many projects started, rather than support fewer projects charities over a long period.