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Конкурс на соискание премии «День без табака» 2020 года

The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for nominations to the World No Tobacco Day Awards of individuals or organizations in each of the six WHO Regions for their accomplishments in the area of tobacco control.WHO HQ will announce the awardees in WHO Tobacco Free Initiative’s website site five days before 31 May.ThemeProtecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use. There will be a maximum of six World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) awards per WHO region. Two of the awardees might be granted special recognition by means of a WHO Director-General Special Recognition Award.

Who can make nominations?

Anyone can submit names for consideration.

Who can be nominated?

        The nominee can be an individual or a collective (e.g., a non-governmental organization devoted to tobacco control) or a government department/Ministry that has made outstanding contribution to tobacco control.

        The nominee must have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the policies and measures contained in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and its guidelines, particularly in relation to the theme of World No Tobacco Day.

Who cannot be nominated?

        WHO or other United Nations staff and their relatives.

        People or collectives employed by or involved with the tobacco industry and their relatives.

        People or collectives who had received a World No Tobacco Day award in the two previous years.

Possible reasons for nominations are:

        The nomination can be for a particular action, or for a group of actions, or for the body of a nominee’s work in the area of tobacco control at any local, national, regional or international level.

        The nominee may have set a meritorious ( or distinctive) example for others in the tobacco control movement.

        The nominee may have overcome a big obstacle in achieving the objective for which he or she is considered worthy of a World No Tobacco Day award.

        The nominee may have demonstrated outstanding leadership or commitment or been particularly innovative in his or her approach to tobacco control.

        The nominee may have brought particular resources or knowledge or expertise to bear on tobacco control.

        The nominee may have made an outstanding contribution to tobacco control as a crucial measure to rolling back noncommunicable diseases to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages).

        Nominations for reasons based on the regular parliamentary or administrative work of nominees (in official or personal capacity), e.g. the hosting or chairing of meetings, will not be considered.

On each nomination form, you will need to provide the following Information:

(Complete name of the nominee.

        Title of the nominee, if a person.

        Gender of the nominee, if a person.

        Address of the nominee, including email or phone.

        Language to be used on the correspondence with nominees and on the certificates.

        Complete name of the nominator.

        Title of the nominator, if a person.

        Address of the nominator, including email or phone.

        Detailed description of the reason for the nomination, including the dates of the actions.

        In addition to the description of the achievement, WHO also strongly encourages testimonial letters from up to two individuals (other than the nominator) who support the nomination. These testimonial letters are an integral part of the nomination process, since they help to paint a complete picture of your nominee for the members of the Selection Committee.

Note: WHO does not contact the originators of the testimonial letters.

Deadline: 6 March 2020 For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2v4Sq0r