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The Knowledge Management Fund is the Knowledge Platform’s instrument to financially support activities arising from its network. The small-scale grants awarded by the Fund offer a low barrier to entry for innovative, agile and experimental proposals. The aim of proposals is to diversify thinking and evidence in the Security & Rule of Law (SRoL) field, particularly in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings (FCAS).

The KMF is a €300,000 annual fund that awards grants for 6-month projects of up to €15,000 for events, research ideas and other initiatives that contribute to improving the quality of knowledge generated by the SRoL field, and its subsequent uptake. 

Updates on the 2020 application window have been announced below, under "When can I apply?". Please keep an eye out for our newsletters and website for information on the KMF 2020. Updated theme and guidelines have been posted at the bottom of this page. 
KMF 2020 Thematic Headline: "Harnessing Potential"

This year's Thematic Headline is "Harnessing Potential". Please read the explanation of the headline in the Thematic Headline document carefully, as well as the subthemes found below. Each are instructive for how submissions will be assessed. Not every topic within the security and rule of law field will automatically be considered relevant. Each applicant will need to justify their topical focus, their approach, and how these demonstrate “Harnessing Potential” for strengthening SRoL programs and policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ. For any further questions, please contact the Platform via KMF@kpsrl.org.