Экофорум  негосударственных  некоммерческих  организаций  Узбекистана

Фонд Принца Клауса ищет предложения для оригинальных и инновационных художественных проектов

The Prince Claus Fund is looking for proposals for original and innovative artsprojects by and for young people in DAC-listed countries in South, South East and Central Asia, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe (see list of eligible countries below). The Fund’s Next Generation Programme supports initiatives by and for young people that expand their worlds. The programme is designed to amplify the voices of young people and create safe spaces where they can use arts and culture to imagine and explore different ways of being.

Prince Claus Fund encourage projects from arts organisations, collectives, creative hubs, artists and cultural practitioners working in disciplines including visual arts, photography, film-making, theatre, literature, and digital media. They especially encourage projects with an experimental approach that allow young people to engage in:

        developing a wide range of narratives about possible identities, particularly those censored or marginalised for political, religious, cultural, economic or other reasons;

        creating safe spaces where young artists, participants and audiences can safely explore and develop their identities;

        helping young women and men to creatively and confidently challenge restrictive gender-norms.

Funding Information

        The Prince Claus Fund supports projects with a financial range up to €20,000.

        Projects must begin after July 2020, and must last a maximum of one year.

Eligible Expenses

This call only covers project related costs and capacity strengthening expenses, and not running (operating) costs for organisations.

Eligibility Criteria

        The project works with and for young people through arts and culture.

        Support will only be given to individual persons or organisations living, registered and working in eligible countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. Individuals applying for the call must be citizens of one of the countries.

        In the case of a collaborative project with individuals or organisations from outside the listed countries, the above criteria apply to the main applicant.

        Projects undertaken for credit as part of university or other education are not eligible.

        Previous grantees of the Prince Claus Fund may not apply for a new grant unless the previous project that they have received is finished and closed before the submission deadline for this call.

Criteria for Selection of Applications

        Quality : Assessing the grantee’s methodology and the artistic/cultural quality of the proposed project.

How does the project respond to the aims of this call? What is the artistic/cultural value of the proposed project? Are the expected results of the project specific, achievable and realistic? Is the project implemented within specific deadlines? Is the applicant (organisation or individual) capable of implementing the project in terms of experience and talent?

        Contextual relevance: Assessing the proposal’s significance and importance to the cultural sector as well as to young people and their community and society in which the project takes place.

What is the project’s relevance to the cultural sector and the context of youth? How does the project engage young people in a meaningful way? How does the activity contribute to identity expression for young people? Does the project address current events and issues facing young people? What spin-offs or impact will the proposed activities create? Does the project have the potential to be developed further and to inspire others?

        Innovation: Assessing the contribution the proposed activity would make to its field or genre and its potential for impact in the local context.

To what extent does the project demonstrate originality and new approaches in its content and approach? Does it open up possibilities for dialogue and/or new interpretations of identity, gender roles, social and artistic environments? Does the project offer new insights? Are applicants using new tools/media, networks and other forms of expression appropriate for young people?

        Cost: Assessing whether the proposed project’s costs correspond to the output of the project.

Is the budget reasonable and suited to the project’s objectives? Is the proposed expenditure justified and realistic?

Deadline: 9 March 2020 For more information, visit https://princeclausfund.org/the-next-generation-2020