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Академия управления интернетом для молодежи

The NetMission Academy offers motivated individuals the chance to further their understanding of Internet Governance issues.

The NetMission Academy is a series of online sessions designed to equip youth with the knowledge and discussion skills to participate in Internet policy making. The sessions will include one orientation webinar, followed by 7 training workshops. These 1.5-hour workshops will be interactive discussion sessions, with expert guest speakers selected for each topic.

This online academy is not a one-sided learning program. Selected fellows will be assigned into thematic groups to research and prepare for the respective session as a host. All fellows are expected to actively contribute to discussions. If you are a student in tertiary education (undergraduate or postgraduate) and are interested in how the Internet impacts society, this is the program for you.


·        Graduates of the academy can become NetMission Ambassadors

·        Opportunity to join the working group(s) and/or organising committee(s) of regional conference activities for youth, including APIGA, APrIGF, ICANN, and IGF, to host youth activities at some of these events which involves moderating a policy discussion dialogue.

·        Opportunity to build an initiative for the development of the Internet and advance the governance discussions in Asia.

·        Opportunity to submit the workshop proposal to the Global Internet Governance Forum held by the United Nations.


·        Young visionaries who want to make a change for the betterment of the Internet and our community.

·        Full-time students from Asia or currently enrolled in any tertiary institutions within the Asia Pacific of all disciplines are welcome.

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Deadline: November 3, 2019 For more information, visit NetMission.Asia 2020.