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Глобальная программа 2020 Master Path Start Path

Start Path Global is Mastercard’s worldwide program for innovative later stage startups from across the globe. The program enables companies to gain access to Mastercard’s global ecosystem and to break new markets through relationships with Mastercard and their customers.

They work with startups across industries and specialties to drive global innovation.

·        E-Commerce

·        Retail Solutions

·        Internet of Things

·        Fraud Management

·        Merchant Loyalty

·        Merchant Lending

·        Credit Scoring

·        Consumer Loyalty

·        Analytics

·        P2P Payments

·        Cross-Border

·        Healthcare

·        Financial Inclusion

·        Enterprise Solutions

·        Smart Cities

·        Blockchain

·        AR, VR & Voice

·        Digital ID

·        Big Data & Analytics

·        APIs

·        Open Banking

·        BaaS

·        PSD2

·        Digital Currency

·        Cyber-security


Startups are offered

·        Curated Access to Customers + Channels

·        Rapid Path to Scale

·        Dedicated Support

·        Strategic investment


They work with later stage startups in the broad fintech and commerce space that fit these criteria:

·        Innovative solution: Demonstrated commercial traction with clear product differentiation.

·        Strategic fit: Alignment with Mastercard’s strategic innovation initiatives

·        Team: Experienced, diverse and passionate founders with relevant expertise.

·        Funding: Investment raised (Seed, Series A or later) with at least 6-12 months runway.

Deadline: Ongoing Click here to apply For more information, visit Mastercard Start Path.