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Программа малых грантов The Fondation Ensemble

The Fondation Ensemble is seeking proposals for its Endangered Animal Species Small Grant Fund that contributes to protecting one or more threatened animal species according to the IUCN classification (‘Critically Endangered’ or ‘Endangered’).

Funding Information

        The funding requested does not exceed € 8 000.

        The funding requested does not exceed 50% of the total projectbudget.

        The duration of the grant requested is from one to two years.

Eligibility Criteria

        For ‘Threatened Animal Species’ small grants projects, there are no country restrictions.

        Project is in line with the national strategy of the intervention country.

        The NGO and/or the implementing partner must be registered and allowed to work in the intervention country.

        The project is participatory and partnership-based: it is designed and implemented in conjunction with the relevant populations and with recognized local and/or international partners, and fosters capacity building.

        The project activities are concrete and sustainable, with measurable results.

        Application contains a detailed overall budget (in euros), indicating the costs to be covered by Fondation Ensemble, including administrative costs (10% maximum) that incorporate head office support costs.

        Application includes a funding plan with the names of donors and their envisaged, acquired or confirmed contributions.

        The proposal must be written in French or in English.

        The organization must have been in existence for at least two full years.

Deadline: 1 February 2019 For more information, please visit https://www.fondationensemble.org/en/submit-proposal/threatened-animal-species-fund/intro-calendar/