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14-й Международный конгресс IUPAC

At the 14th IUPAC International Congress of Crop Protection, they want to give young agricultural students and researchers, just like you, an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, build skills and share knowledge.

Thanks to the generous support of CropLife International, 50 young agricultural students and researchers will be sponsored to come to Ghent,Belgium for the Next Generation Agri Summit, part of the IUPAC 2019 International Congress from May 19 until May 24, 2019.


        IUPAC 2019 is offering 50 sponsored places to the next generation of leaders in crop protection to participate in the four-day Agri Summit in Ghent, Belgium (19-23 May 2019) and link with the IUPAC International Congress.

        From the Next Generation Agri-Summit applications, IUPAC wants to select up to five N-GAGE champions and provide seed funding (€5,000) to facilitate the startup of their innovation or project idea in crop protection. For one year (May 2019-May 2020), they will mentor these young innovators within their innovation/idea, linking them with seasoned researchers and practitioners and integrating them in other agricultural youth networks and organizations. Training on new ways to advocate and network using innovative communication tools will be provided.


        Applicants in all Countries can apply.

        Applicant’s innovation or idea may be for a practical solution that they are already working on, or it may be aspirational – IUPAC wants to encourage applicants ‘blue sky’ thinking.

        Applicant’s innovation or idea must be related to sustainable crop protection. This could include, but is not limited to, topics such as integrated pest management, organic crop protection, nano- and biotechnology, synthetic crop protection, precision farming, use of satellites, drones or other technology, nutrition, waste, forecasting, integrated systems, knowledge transfer, creating public awareness and policy changes.

        Applicant’s innovation or idea must be sustainable (let’s not ruin the earth while trying to feed the planet).

        If applicants want to an N-GAGE champion add to their application and tell how

        Applicant’s innovation or project idea has to make a difference. If applicants are successful in becoming an N-GAGE champion their project must not have to wait for another €20,000 to come in before they can start;

        Applicant’s innovation or project idea must be practical, realistic and hands-on;

        Applicant’s innovation or project idea must show self-sustainability and it has to be sustainable (let’s not ruin the earth while trying to feed the planet);

        Applicant’s innovation or project idea should show concrete results or at least tangible outputs within one year;

        Applicants must be between 18 and 40 years of age and either currently enrolled in an agricultural educational institution or have recently graduated in the past two years.

Deadline: 1 February 2019 For more information, please visit https://nextgen.iupac2019.be/