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Стипендии Toptal для расширение прав и возможностей будущих женщин-лидеров

Applications are now open for the Toptal Scholarships for Women: Empowering Future Female Leaders to Change the World.These scholarships provide assistance to women from around the world to help empower them to follow their passion and become leaders.

Globally, women are still underrepresented in many fields and positions of leadership. Toptal believes in providing opportunities for exceptional women to break through barriers and accomplish extraordinary outcomes.

Prize Information

        $10,000 Scholarship: Meaningful support, so applicants can focus on developing themselves as a future leader.

        One year of Mentorship: Mentoring from a Toptal expert with the skills and knowledge applicants need to set them on the right path.

Eligibility Criteria

Toptal® is empowering the next generation of female leaders. If applicants want to change the world, they’ll help them to rise to achieve it.

        Women Change the World: This program is for ambitious women, 16 years or older, who are passionate about making some meaningful change for a community or cause they care about.

        Pursuing an Education: Brilliance and wisdom come in many forms. This program is open to women from all walks of life who are currently pursuing or aiming to pursue any type of education program.

        Creating Momentum Around the World: Toptal® is awarding one prize per region to current residents of Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

        With an Idea — And a Plan: Entries will be judged on the originality of the idea, applicant’s plan for making it happen, and their passion for the cause it represents.

        This is an international Scholarship Program. However, applicants must be a legal resident or citizen of their country of residence to enter the Scholarship Program.

        Employees, clients, and contractors (including current talent engaged with or through Toptal) of Toptal, LLC as well as other companies involved in the conduct of this Scholarship Program, and any employees, members of the immediate families and households of any such employees and contractors of any of the foregoing are not eligible to enter.

        Void where prohibited by law.

Deadlines:     Asia: 30 November 2018   Europe: 31 January 2019

For more information, please visit Toptal Scholarships for Women.