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A team of environmental researchers from the Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society (Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany) is seeking collaboration with academic institutions in low and middle income countries (LMICs) in Northeast Asia, South East Asia, and Middle East on the topic of environmental justice, environmental risks, strategic environmental assessments, and the role of civil society, in the context of land use change and large infrastructure projects, with the focus on the Belt and Road Initiative. We are preparing a project proposal for funding (up to 4 years), in which we will seek 2-3 institutional partners outside of Europe, to create a collaborative network of scholars and practitioners to tackle the issues of environmental and social inequalities. (Please note: we are at the early stage of preparing a proposal for an open funding competition, the outcome is uncertain).


The proposed Project is about capacity building. It will bring together geographers, anthropologists, economists, political scientists, historians, sociologists, and others. The project will include an academic training component (several PhD positions will be supported), research component (workshops, conferences), communication and civil society component (knowledge distribution/ networks, collaborating with NGOs), and possibly other components.


Specifically, two research themes will be elaborated in the Proposal:

1) Institutions and networks: in which way institutions impact on the re-production of social and environmental inequalities; under what conditions these institutions become more inclusive of the diverse voices coming from non-state actors; what institutional configurations better account for environmental and social risks associated with land use change and large infrastructure projects.


2) Socio-ecological processes of inequality: overarching, trans-regional or national linkages, and their effect on social inequality; the effects of global processes on regions and generations; the impact of international or multilateral Initiatives, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, on local and regional processes of inequality; how these processes support the emergence of new, or reinforce the existing, asymmetries of power.


We are open for an expression of interests coming from a researcher, or a group of researchers, whose interests overlap with the mentioned themes, who are interested in training and supporting young researchers in their pursuit of a PhD degree, and who are affiliated with an academic institution in a low and middle income country with an established post-graduate training programme.  


For more questions about the proposed project or for an expression of interests please contact Dr. Elena Feditchkina Tracy at el.fedit@gmail.com or Elena.Feditchkina@rcc.lmu.de