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Конкурс IFC / IYF по вовлечению молодежи в энергетику, водные ресурсы и транспорт

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and International Youth Foundation (IYF) have launched a new publication Creating Value Through Global Youth Engagement: A Smart Investment for the Infrastructure and Natural Resource Industries. To highlight cases and best practices of engaging youth in the workforce, IFC is hosting a contest inviting young people to submit multimedia projects on the youth report’s themes and/or write-ups of examples of innovative youth engagement in action. The contest aims to inspire and create a dialogue on innovative ways to engage young people while addressing some of the problems and needs of communities and companies.


·        IFC will feature and promote Finalists’ and Winners’ ideas on the commdev.org website and social media platforms, and make efforts invite Winners to events (for example: virtual webinars, virtual workshops, World Bank Youth Summit). Winners will also receive a certificate from IFC.


·        The Competition is open to individuals aged 15 to 30. Participants’ ages will be determined as of 11:59 pm EST on August 6, 2018;

·        Open to nationals of all countries;

·        Participation is encouraged from eligible individuals with the drive to innovate regardless of their occupation (working professionals, students, NGO leaders, government officials, start-up creators, technical experts or any other).

Case Study

Submit cases and good practices around water, energy, or transport highlighting existing initiatives or project ideas focused on:

·        Innovative and creative youth engagement

·        Benefits working age youth bring to the private sector

Submission formats will be short concept notes:

·        1-2 pages in length, all-inclusive – i.e. including all bodies of text, titles, headings, tables, textboxes, footnotes, endnotes, references, appendices etc.

·        Top of the first page of the submission should contain:

o    Name

o    Age

o   Home country

·        Each case must contain the sections:

o   Background/ Context

o   Project Description

o   Results (or anticipated/proposed results)

o   Lessons Learned

Multimedia Project

·        Multimedia submissions should highlight one of the report’s key area of opportunity focused on energy, water, and transport:

o   Planning for the workforce of the future

o   Rapid technological change

o   Resilient communities

o   Environmental impact and social change

·        Submission formats can include:

o   Video (horizontal and 60 seconds max)

o   Photo

o   Graphic design (illustrations, painting or apparel)

o   Song

o   Poetry


Submissions can be in the form of (1) a multi-media project or (2) a case study. Feel free to reference the publication for inspiration. All submissions should be emailed to [email protected].

Deadline: August 6, 2018 For more information, visit IFC/IYF Contest for Youth Engagement