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Программа «Стратегические инновации для общественного здравоохранения»

The Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust and INSEAD Business School invite applications for the Strategic Innovation for Community Health Programme 2018. Are you working on the front lines of delivering care? Apply for the Strategic Innovation for Community Health programme taking place from 12 – 17 November Nairobi, Kenya.

Through its Leadership and Innovation programs with INSEAD, Johnson & Johnson has invested in over 2500 senior healthcare leaders across EMEA. These programs invite health leaders to embark into a journey of self-guided discovery to further develop their leadership and innovation capacity – realising their vital role in building the resilience of communities and health systems. The objective of the Strategic Innovation for Community Health program is to provide cutting-edge insights and thinking about: innovation as a discipline; the innovation of healthcare and prevention services; the effective implementation and adaptation of strategy; and new approaches to “systems thinking” for addressing the challenges of healthcare.

STICH is a novel programme for senior healthcare managers who work in the areas of primary care, chronic care pathways and community health. The program is designed for individuals from public or private sectors and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who strive to improve health in their communities and who want to have a real impact on the populations they serve.


Participants will gain a better understanding of their own innovation skills and how to improve and develop the innovation skills of those around them.

Key benefits:

·        Improve innovation skills and the ability to maximise the potential of staff

·        Understand the special nature of service delivery and key levers to improve value, quality and delivery of healthcare

·        A workshop approach to implementing innovation as a practical and useful systematic processes for healthcare service innovation that adds value for patients

·        Communicate more effectively about service innovations and improve patient engagement

Cost and Scholarship

The Tuition Fee is covered by The Trust (tuition fees, refreshments during breaks and lunches on campus).

Travel, accommodation and evening meals are at the participant’s own expense. A limited number of scholarships will be available to cover travel and accommodation. This will be decided on a needs basis and remains at the discretion of the Trust.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please contact: Tinneke Proost once you have been enroled in the programme and no later than the 22nd of September. The Trust will share the scholarship application form and eligibility criteria by email.


·        Open to individuals from public or private sectors and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

·        The program is aimed at people faced with the challenge of developing new approaches for better health care service design and delivery in the community setting.

·        Successful candidates will have been trained as doctors, nurses, health educators or other health professionals who have subsequently become senior or high-potential managers in healthcare delivery organisations.

Participants will typically:

·        Be senior or high-potential managers in healthcare services

·        Have 3 to 8 years of management experience

·        Be considered by their organisations to be capable of occupying positions of increased responsibility, particularly with respect

Download Program Brochure [PDF]   Download Application Form [Word]

Deadline: September 12, 2018 For more information, visit STICH.