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Видеоконкурс «Следующее поколение миростроителей»

Youth Peace initiative along with the Carnegie Foundation and the United Network of Young Peacebuilders is seeking nominations for its Next Generation Peacebuilders Video Contest to highlight best practices from young peacebuilders all over the world.

The best videos compete for the Youth Carnegie Peace Prize. The winner of the Youth Carnegie Peace Prize will be awarded with the title ‘Youth Ambassador of the Peace Palace’ during the Carnegie Peace Building Conversations Conference in The Hague and a conference ticket for the One Young World Summit in The Hague, respectively taking place in September and October 2018.


Show the world how applicants will tackle the following challenges:

§ Financing the upside: flexible support for young peacebuilders;

§ Promoting meaningful youth participation in formal peace and political transition processes;

§ Creating safe and trustful civic spaces for youth to operate in their local contexts.

Eligibility Criteria

§ Applicants must be aged between 18-29 years old

§ The resolution of video should be minimal 1280 x 720 pixels and

§ The length of video should be maximum 3 minutes long

Deadline: 20 August 2018 For further information, please visit Youth Peace Initiative.