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Волонтерская награда IAVE

The IAVE Global Corporate Volunteering Awards will recognize a global company that has created a unique, high impact volunteer initiative or program.

The awards are:

1.   The Global Volunteer Program Award

2.   The Inspiring Practice Award

3.   The German Volunteer Program Award

4.   The Corporate Disaster Volunteering Award

This Award will focus on four areas:

1.    Globalization - Global approach and perspective.

2.    Partnerships and Collaboration - Nature of relationships with employees and NGOs in developing and implementing the volunteer program.

3.    Impact - Impact on communities, employee volunteers and company.

4.    Continuous Improvement - Continuous improvement processes as they relate to the employee volunteer programs.

For any questions about the content of the survey as you fill it out, please email lorrie@iave.org. For any technical issues, please contact iave@trueimpact.com.

Proposal Deadline: 12 Midnight GMT, Friday, June 15, 2018

Download Frequently Asked Questions here . Download a PDF of the application here.