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Награда Sunhak Peace Prize 2019

Nominations are open for Sunhak Peace Prize 2019 which was established in order to help resolve worldwide suffering, conflict, poverty and threats to the environment by promoting a comprehensive, future-oriented vision of peace.Based on the Founder’s vision of One Family Under God, the Sunhak Peace Prize will encourage all people to dedicate themselves to peace, choosing dialogue and cooperation over conflict and competition.The Sunhak Peace Prize honors individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to peace and human development, working to resolve conflict and restore balance to the relationship between humanity and the natural environment.

Prize Pillars

        Sustainable Human Development

        Conflict Resolution

        Ecological Conservation

Eligibility Criteria

        Nominees must be individuals or organizations who have contributed significantly to the realization of peace for people of diverse nations, races, religions, or ideologies

        In case of individuals, the nominees in question must be presently alive

Required Material

        Candidate Nomination Form (1 copy per nominee)

        A detailed description of the candidate’s achievements

Deadline: 31 May 2018 For more information, please visit Sunhak Peace Prize 2019.