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Гранты от National Geographic Society для сохранения больших кошек

The National Geographic Society has announced a request for proposals for its Big Cats Conservation Initiative to identify projects that will help halt the decline of big cats worldwide.

The National Geographic Big Cats Initiative seeks to advance conservation efforts benefitting big cat populations, protecting and restoring them and their habitats via field-based, action-oriented, direct, and quantifiable strategic programs.Projects may be based in any of a broad spectrum of conservation, education, development, and scientific ventures, but projects with direct, quantifiable methods for saving big cats in their native landscapes will be most successful. The Big Cats Conservation RFP covers the following species:





        Snow Leopard

        Clouded Leopard

        Sunda Clouded Leopard




Priority will be given to projects that aim to do one or more of the following:

        Run anti-poaching programs;

        Perform interventions to reduce big cat mortalities;

        Build and maintain livestock enclosures that protect livestock from predation and cats from retaliatory killings;

        Provide educational opportunities that increase knowledge of the threats to big cats and promote participation in big cat conservation efforts;

        Test new technology;

        Establish economic incentives for local people to ensure long-term survival of big cats;

        For cheetahs, seek to fulfill the recommendations from formal regional strategies and national action plans.

Funding Information

        Typical proposal requests should be less than $50,000; however, applicants may request up to $100,000. Successful applicants may use awarded funds over one or two years.

        Up to 20 percent of the total can be used as a stipend for the applicant and/or team members.

Deadline: 10 July 2018 For more information, please visit Big Cats Conservation.