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Конкурс идей Innovation Summit Bold Ideas Challenge

Schneider Electric is inviting students from across the world to take on a new challenge – coming up with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to tackle the following topic: Imagine greener solutions to power the new digital economy! Finalists will have the amazing opportunity to pitch their project in front of Schneider Electric’s top management and executives at the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit in Paris in early April, and maybe even see their solutions developed in the near future!Also, the first winning team will be invited to be part of the Schneider Electric HR Go Green In the City Initiative and will be rewarded with €1,000 cash prize!Your task is to design your project based on data from large buildings and information that you find online (or elsewhere – be as creative as you like!). We recommend you focus your reading and documentation on capturing, analyzing, and correlating data from the electrical and HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment in these large buildings. This will give you the necessary insights into how these buildings operate under different conditions and what actions can be taken to improve them.See below for some questions that you could answer to get started with your project:

• Does your solution already exist?

• If it doesn't: What added value will it bring to prospective users, ecosystems and people?

• If it does: How can it be enhanced by using Schneider Electric electricity’s data set?

• How does the business fit into the ecosystem?

• Is it technically feasible?

Don't hesitate to think outside the box! If put together properly, brand new and original businesses will be highly appreciated. End-to-end solutions as innovative components of the value chain will also be welcomed.

Deadline 12 March https://www.agorize.com/en/challenges/bold-ideas-challenge-student