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Конкурс ЮНЕСКО

Entries are open for 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. This year’s awards cycle will mark the launch of a three-year partnership with Think City, a Malaysian urban renewal body that will support the programme and host the annual Awards Jury meeting in Penang, Malaysia. There are two categories in the Awards programme:

The Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation and The Award for New Design in Heritage Contexts

Eligibility Criteria

        The following are eligible for consideration: residential, commercial and institutional buildings; religious properties; urban and rural settlements, historic towns and villages; archaeological heritage; cultural landscapes, parks and gardens; military properties; modern heritage; agricultural, industrial and technological properties; burial monuments and sites; cultural routes; vernacular architecture; and symbolic properties and memorials.

        The project must be the result of private sector initiative or public-private partnership. The involvement of private individuals or organizations in terms of ownership, tenancy, financing or other contributions to the project should be clear. Projects that are financed, owned and undertaken wholly by government entities are not eligible.

        The work must have been completed within the preceding 10 years at the time of submission. For buildings with a new use, the project must also have been occupied or put to viable use for at least one year at the time of submission.

        Entries that have been previously submitted will not be eligible for resubmission unless invited to do so by the Jury, or unless substantial additional restoration has been carried out since the previous submission.

Deadline: 15 May 2018 For more information, please visit UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards