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Конкурс Valeo Innovation Challenge 2018

Valeo has launched the 5th edition of its contest, the "Valeo Innovation Challenge 2018", which offers students from around the world the opportunity to become players in automotive innovation. You may see the second edition (in 2015) here. Valeo is offering young students worldwide the opportunity to make the car of 2030 and the way it's used more intelligent, intuitive, green and fun. Comprising teams of two to five people, students from any discipline can take part by presenting a relevant, innovative project in English. The aim is to stimulate the students’ creativity, enabling them to form multidisciplinary teams.You must not have a scientific or technical qualification. The only condition is that you are a student and are a part of a University or Technical, or Scientific School when you register.

The competition is open to students who have completed high school and are now in higher education (e.g. university) in higher education from all disciplines and to the teachers, one per team. 
Entrants must compete in teams made up of between two and a maximum of five people.
Teams can take part to the challenge by presenting a relevant, innovative project in English by submitting:

1.           mp4 video pitch (maximum 3 minutes) that explains the project in a clear, simple and audible way,

2.           accompanied by 5 slides describing the composition of the team; the problem identified; the existing or known solutions; the proposed technical solution; the target market and the business model.

The following people may not enter the contest:

·                    employees of the organizer, of any company that it controls, that controls it or that is under joint, control with it, and their children,

·                    people who have been involved in organizing the contest, and their children,

·                    people who have a conflict of interest (especially interns and apprentices still working for the company).

The constitution of the team shall only be considered definitive on completion of the registration phase. During this phase (From 15 November 2017 to 30 March 2018) it will be possible to change the members of the team as well as the project. Once this phase has been completed, no more changes will be accepted. If however a member decides to leave the team after this phase, the team cannot remain in the running if it has fewer than two members.
Eligible groups
Citizens of ALL countries worldwide
Fields of contest
The aim of the contest is to reward an innovative automobile-related project (technological innovation or idea for new ways of using cars) that is the product of students' imagination worldwide.
Scholarship benefits
At the end of the competition the sum of €200,000 will be shared, as decided by the Jury, between the three winning teams of the Challenge. In addition to their prize, they will be offered the opportunity to join Valeo’s business accelerator.
The 9 finalist teams will have 16 weeks to accelerate their project with the help of Valeo and external experts recognized for their experience and professional expertise, like scientists, designers, sociologists and architects.
9 teams will be selected to present their project in front of the Jury composed of Valeo's Top Management and other people from outside the company recognized for their experience and professional expertise: scientists, designers, sociologists, philosophers, business man.The submission period is November 15, 2017 - March 30, 2018. All entries must be submitted by 12:00 noon CET on March 30th 2018 Application Deadline: 30 March 2018
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