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Конференция "2018 Adaptation Futures "

2018 Adaptation Futures Conference held in Cape Town from the 18th to the 21st of June. 


Submit your research, the call for abstracts is now open, deadline 15th January, (http://adaptationfutures2018.capetown/guidelines-for-abstract-submissions/), and be part of the biggest climate change adaptation research community. For further information visit the conference website (http://adaptationfutures2018.capetown/)



Adaptation Futures 2018 takes place from 18-21 June 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. Adaptation Futures is the biennial conference of the Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA). It is the premiere international climate change adaptation conference where people from countries around the world go to connect, learn and inspire!

Adaptation Futures 2018 provides an opportunity for international networking and dialogue with more than 1000 participants from academia, government, civil society and business, all aiming to take climate adaptation forward. Adaptation Futures 2018 aims to use our setting on the African continent to attract more African and Global South delegates than ever before to the conference and forefront developing country adaptation contexts.


AF2018 is especially interested in exploring the following themes:

Adaptation and development

How can adaptation lead better development outcomes? In what ways do development processes prevent and enhance adaptation outcomes? How does adaptation contribute to the achievement of the SDGs?  And what are the implications of maladaptation? How can we move adaption discourse and practice into National Development Plans and other development processes?

South-South and South-North knowledge and learning

How does a Southern perspective change the global framing of adaptation and development?  Are there critiques of Northern approaches to adaptation in research, funding, and practice?  How do we enhance South-South collaboration; what successes point the way to do this?

Adaptation and 21st century challenges

How can adaptation thinking be brought into debates and practice around food, water and energy security?  What are the solutions for reducing climate risks in the face of rapid urbanisation?  What are the implications of migration in the context of climate change and other drivers?

Collaboration, knowledge co-production and research into use

What are we learning from transdisciplinary and engaged research processes?  How do we maximise the uptake of evidence from research and innovations into policy and practice?  How do we “go the last mile” – from good research, good policy, great ideas to implementation on the ground that leads to real change, for many?

Financing of adaptation and climate resilient development

What are we learning from the new global, regional and national funding mechanisms, such as the Adaptation and Green Climate Funds?  Where are the examples of “transformative” projects that the GCF seeks to fund?  What might transformative adaptation look like? How do we measure and value adaptation?

Learning from doing

What works and has not worked at different scales, from regional, to national, to local and community?  What needs to be in place (enablers) and be circumvented (barriers) to maximise the chances of success in different adaptation settings? How do we improve the way learning occurs so that acknowledgement of failure or partial success is valued? How do we implement adaptation across complex social, cultural and political-economic systems?





We will be offering a limited number of Attendance Grants to the conference. If you are from a Low or Lower middle income country, and your abstract is accepted  or you are facilitating a Special Session, you will be eligible to apply for an Attendance Grant.

The grant will cover registration fees (this includes meals at the conference ) and dinner, bed and breakfast accommodation, and airport transfers – in other words, all your costs in Cape Town. In some cases, we will provide funding for travel, but it would help enormously if you are able to fund your own flight to Cape Town.

The call for applications for attendance grants opens 16 Feb – 28 Feb 2018. Please sign up for the conference newsletter to receive updates.

Applications will be assessed by the conference Local Organising Committee in an equitable and transparent way.