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Гранты ранней карьеры от Географического общества США

The National Geographic Society is seeking applications for its Early Career Grant to offer less experienced individuals an opportunity to lead a project. Grants are typically funded for less than US $5,000. The National Geographic Society will consider requests for up to US $10,000.

Three Lenses

        The Human Journey: The Human Journey focuses on learning more about who we are and what our future is on this planet.

        Wildlife and Wild Places: Wildlife and Wild Places includes projects on all living organisms, where they live, and the local evolutionary and ecological processes that sustain them.

        Our Changing Planet: Our Changing Planet comprises projects looking at a spectacular variety of ever-changing systems on land and in the sea.

Project Focuses






Eligibility Criteria

        National Geographic welcomes applications from around the world, and specifically encourages applicants from outside the United States to apply.

        Applicants planning to work outside of their home country should include at least one local collaborator on their team.

        The Committee will not usually consider applications that support strictly laboratory or collections work.

        Grants are awarded on the basis of merit and exist independent of the Society’s other divisions.

        Applicants are not required to have an advanced degree; those with a Ph.D. or equivalent work experience should apply for a Standard Grant, unless applicants can demonstrate that this grant will enable their first experience leading a project in their chosen field.

        If applicants have previously received an Early Career Grant or a Young Explorers Grant from National Geographic, applicants may submit a new proposal after applicants have closed their previous grant record.

        Applications should be submitted at least six months before the project start date.

Deadline: 3 January 2018 For more information, please visit Early Career Grant