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The World Bank through Results in Education for All Children (REACH) Trust Fund is seeking proposals for the 5th edition of its REACH for Reading Knowledge, Learning and Innovation (KLI) Grant program in order to support efforts toward more and better education services, especially to those most excluded, by helping country systems focus more sharply on results.The REACH for Reading Call for Proposals is a joint initiative by the Results for All Children (REACH) trust fund, housed at the World Bank and the Global Book Alliance, a multi-partner alliance led by USAID.The objective of the KLI Grants is to strengthen the evidence-base for the impact results-based financing can have on the education system by improving access to, the quality and utlization of textbooks and reading books. The Global Book Alliance and REACH, through REACH for Reading, will fund activities at any of the following stages of development:

        Proof of concept: Piloting of a concept that targets beneficiaries in a developing country context to gain an early, real world assessment of the technical and financial viability of the proposed concept.

        Testing impact and delivery: Testing a proven concept for social impact, improved outcomes and/or market viability, as well as operational refinement to build paths to sustainability and scale.

        Scaling-up: Adaptation of a rigorously evaluated innovation to new contexts, geographical areas.

Grant Information

A total of up to US$4million (up to US$500,000 per proposal) is available under the Knowledge, Learning, and Innovation (KLI) stream, and will be competitively awarded.

Eligibility Criteria

REACH for Reading will consider applications from

        Non-governmental organizations;

        Teams within multilateral organizations;


        Civil Society organizations

Eligible Activities

        Book Supply Chain and Planning

        Quality and Access focused approaches

        ICT and digital interventions that increase efficiencies along the book chain, from content delivery to production to supply chain logistics

        Development of publishing collaboratives or other partnerships that aim to catalyze the strengths of multiple stakeholders

        Market Shaping Activities

Eligible Expenditures

The Trust Fund funds may be used to finance:

        Associated Overheads

        Consultants Fees Individuals with Indirect Costs and Firms

        Contractual Services

        Equipment and Office Premises Lease Cost

        Equipment Purchased

        Extended Term Consultants – with Indirect Costs

        Media, Workshops, Conference and Meeting

        Staff Costs – with Indirect Costs

        Temporary Support Staff Costs – with Indirect Costs

        Travel Expenses

Deadline: 17 November 2017 For more information, visit http://www.worldbank.org/en/programs/reach/brief/reach-call-for-proposals-call-5